"I rule this Island"

LordBlade1 is Slickster's Eternal Isle self. LordBlade is different from Slickster personality wise, weapon type, and is a competent leader. LordBlade is siblings with Nighthunter and Dayhunter who are the Eternal Isle versions of LaffyTaffyGirl and JellyBeanGirl.


Lordblade is a heartless tyrant who wants to remain ruler of the Eternal Isle. He rules with an Iron Fist and is generally the opposite of Slickster. His personality was a result of a very sad child hood. No one cares about that and that would reveal more spoilers than Wolf would like so we're leaving it at that.

Friends and Enemies

Lord blade has no real friends because of his horrible personality. His enemies include every Eternal Isle lavender team member, even though their split up. Other enemies include Slickster, TheDiamondWolf12 , Shadow Wolf, and The Dungeon Keeper.