"Fear the Wolf"-TheDiamondWolf12

TheDiamondWolf12 is the third member to join lavender team. He does all the social dynamic for Lavender team. He is the current owner of the legendary sword Eternity. Wolf's real name is Wolf Southfoot.


Wolf is a very friendly person but gets either annoyed or angry quite easily. Wolf gets very sarcastic when he is bored and starts using the word Crad constantly when angry. His voice also gets higher when he reads or says certain things


Wolf's gear has many different weapons and tools. His sword is Eternity which has the power to teleport back to Wolf whenever he wants, it can also absorb any possible energy except electricity, no one knows why. He also so has a batch of knives that have the power to absorb health from whoever get's hit called Vampire Knives. The knives are connected to a glider type which lye under wolf's arms. His longest weapon is his bow called The Nether Bow, it can shoot flaming arrows. No other information is known. His next most notable tool is his grappling hook, it's a grappling hook which can turn into an arrow gun, that's a gun that shoots arrows. Other tools include his intercom and lightning boots.

Friends and Enemies


Wolf's friends are pretty much everyone on lavender team that don't make him want to puke. His main friends are Slickster, Laffy, Hermes, Cello, Tiger, Quantum, Sword, Techo, Fast, Muscle, and Sky.


Wolf's enemies are pretty much any of the main lavender team enemies. The worse ones according to wolf are Shadow Wolf, Interface, RoboBone, Mr. Slimeface, and Flame.