Lavender Team has had many basses that have either been destroyed abandoned or forgotten.

The Cave Base

Lavenders cave base was the first of the many bases. In Lavender(Show) it was blown up by blue but in reality Lavender team left it because it was to close to the flaming temple(Spawn)

The Island Base

The Island Base was lavenders safest base but they left because it was found. The base was actually above the island and was hard to get to. Everyone had their own house but no ones house was locked. Lavender Team left it after they discovered it had been infiltrated. This was Slicksters favorite

The Mansion

The Mansion was Lavenders longest base. It was a mansion that was the size of Wolf and Slickster Island Base houses combined. everyone had their own room except Laffy and Jelly who shared a 2 story room. there were 5 floors including the basement. The meeting room was on the top floor.

The Mountain Base

The Mountain Base is lavenders latest base and hopefully the final and permanent one. This base is undeveloped and is mostly inside the mountain with 2 houses outside, one being a stable the other being a Watchtower.